Automated Fare Collection

Ticket to a better ride

Fare is a key source of income for any transport company. Our automated fare collection systems make this process of paying and receiving fares significantly simple for both the passenger and the carrier.

Automated fare collection systems are integrated ticketing systems that provide faster transactions, affordable operations and more efficient collection of payments.

Our fare collection systems work with a variety of devices for sale and validation of travel documents such as virtual and physical tickets and tokens as well as transport cards. Our solution also works with a variety of payment modes such as mobiles, card and cash to automate the payment process and grant customer access to the site.

How it Works
Our automated fare collection system works to collect payment from customers through a variety of channels including mobile wallets, ticket vending machines and point of sales. This payment, which can be in the form of tokens or virtual is then inserted into turnstile or validators installed on board of vehicles that are connected to a data center.

Our system is intuitive and allows application of a flexible tariff policy and its management in real-time for enhanced service quality.

Benefits of an Automated Fare Collection SystemCaters to contactless payment

Caters to Mobile wallets
Improves the passenger service quality
Controls all the transport operator's flows of funds
Reduces the financial losses caused by the fraud or teft
Provides statistical data for analysis