Video Monitoring

Watch and Protect

To control public transport traffic and to provide safety of movement on the lines we offer to implement video monitoring systems around stations and on vehicles.

Video Monitoring in highly public areas is one of the most appropriate ways to deter criminal activity and safeguard personal and private property.

Video monitoring not only deters criminal elements from committing any mischief. It also provides highly reliable evidence in case a crime was committed. Our IP-based video monitoring systems offer better images with higher resolution and more flexibility, allowing users to e-mail video images for consultation.

How it Works
Our IP cameras record, compress, convert and stream video over the internet to your control room. Security professionals can go over these high-quality wide-angle videos to detect any anomalies. Our system is build to withstand mechanical shocks and vibrations conforming to automotive standards.

Benefits of implementing video monitoring

Lower cost
Offence archiving
Photographic documentation
Threat deterence
High picture quality
Less equipment heavy


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