Passenger Information System

Increase Your Ridership

Real-time passenger information improves the entire transit experience and attracts new passengers. It provides passengers with necessary information connected with bus timetable, train arrival and departure time, current time and date, different help information to improve traveler's satisfaction with the journey.

Passenger Information systems use screens on platforms, in vehicles on mobile phones to display information that is crucial for the commuters.

Our passenger information systems integrate with your transport management system to update passengers on fares, routes, us arrival times and any closures or delays due to emergencies.

How it Works
Our Passenger Information Solutions input media data from a remote operator station and deliver it digital signage displays, kiosks, passenger information screens and a cloud-based server running a passenger mobile app.

Benefits of an Passenger Information System

Improved passenger service
Increased commuter satisfaction
Increased ridership
Prompt response to emergency situtaions
Smoother operations


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