Infotainment System

Bridge The Revenue Gap

Advancement in mobile data delivery has opened a substantial opportunity for transport companies to improve the overall transit experience, attract riders, and create a new revenue stream to help supplement operations, improve service to core constituents, and support area business.

The goal of infotainment is to improve the passenger experience by providing both valuable real-time travel information and other engaging content to riders.

Infotainment digital signage systems combine real-time passenger information from Streets, with weather, advertising, social media, security camera footage, and more. This can help inject critical new funding into any transit operation.

How it Works
Our infotainement systems provide a multimedia platform that delivers information to travelers via existing or new-installs of high-definition digital displays. The on-board advertising system takes into account the vehicle's location to push specific ads and news on to the commuters.

Benefits of an Infotainment System

Provide an additional stream of revenue for transport companies
Improve rider experience
Provide information
Source of Entertainment
Hyper local advertisement


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