Access Control

Limit Your Exposure

Access control systems provide streamlining, controlling and logging the movement of people along the territory controlled by the system.

Access Control Systems help your business protect its resources from internal and external threats.

Our systems recognize, authenticate and authorize entry of a person to enter into the premises thereby giving complete protection and ensuring security of your security. It also protects flow of confidential information within the organization by restricting access of employees within a building.

How it Works
Access control readers give access to the building based on established credentials. Things like a key card, key fob, or biometrics like fingerprints are all considered established credentials. Door readers are connected to a network. Every person who needs access has a code tied to their credential and the system recognizes that they are authorized to be in the building.

Software tracks who enters and exits the building and has the ability to alert security supervisors, business owners, etc. when someone enters the building after hours or there is a break-in.

Benefits of Implementing an Access Control System

Protect processes, data and business continuity
Attendance recording
Maintain Electronic Logs for Review After an Incident
Promote Accountability
Seamless Integration with Your Current Network Fault Monitoring System
Provide Protection to the Protector 
Your Security adapts to your changing needs 


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