Transport Management

The global increase of urban mobility and continuing climate change necessitates the decarbonisation of the transport system, the enhancement of the energy efficiency of transport, and the implementation of innovative transport solutions. Intelligent transportation system is a combination of distinct technologies that can improve transportation management in public transit systems.

Automated Fare
Make paying and receiving fares significantly simple.
Scheduling and
Systematize and regulate the release of vehicles.
Signal Priority
Reduce transit times and improve schedule adherence.


Automated Fare Collection

Ticket to a better ride

Fare is a key source of income for any transport company. Our automated fare collection systems making this process of paying and receiving fares significantly simple for both the passenger and the carrier.

Automated fare collection systems are integrated ticketing systems that provide faster transactions, affordable operations, and more efficient collection of payments.

Our fare collection systems work with a variety of devices for sale and validation of travel documents such as virtual and physical tickets and tokens as well as transport cards. Read More


Scheduling and Dispatch

Optimize Your Service

Effective scheduling and dispatch is a key aspect of an Integrated Intelligent Transportation System.

Computer-aided scheduling and dispatch system tracks the locations of all vehicles, compares them with the planned data, and provides the dispatcher with a complete overview of operational processes

Implementation of our solution allows you to systematize and regulate the procedure of releasing the vehicles to the route. Keep precise records of every driver's work and every vehicle's operation as well as to provide quick and effective communication between the drivers and traffic control operators.. Read More


Signal Priority System

Improve Your Reliability

Transit signal priority systems use a combination of components to better accommodate vehicles and ensure smooth flow of traffic throughout a corridor.

Signal Priority Systems reduce transit times, improve schedule adherence and increase road network efficiency as measured by the mobility of people.

Our signal priority systems allow you to smoothvout the flow of traffic by both detecting the presence of a vehicle and predicting its arrival time at the intersection. Our real-time, adaptive systems can incorporate information on traffic flow, flow coordination, bus schedule adherence, and prior bus arrival times Read More