Integrated Security

Integrated security systems are a type of multi-layered system that uses different components and threads them into one seamless security experience. We utilize a layered system consisting of audio-based intrusion detection, alarm notifications, a 24/7 access control, fire, and smoke detection, and video monitoring.

Access Control
Protect your system from internal and external threats.
Video Analytics
Capture the full value of your video surveillance system.
Video Monitoring
An effective way to deter criminal activity in highly public areas.


Access Control

Limit Your Exposure

Access control systems provide streamlining, controlling, and logging the movement of people along the territory controlled by the system.

Access Control Systems help your business protect its resources from internal and external threats.

Our systems recognize authenticate and authorize entry of a person to enter into the premises thereby giving complete protection and ensuring the security of your security. It also protects the flow of confidential information within the organization by restricting access of employees within a building. Read More


Video Analytics

Increase Your Efficiency

The old idea of a video surveillance system is of a security guard sitting in a booth watching the security camera feed live, hoping to catch suspicious activity. This model relies on having a live person watching and reviewing all your videos, which is neither practical nor efficient. Different security guards may have differing levels of focus or different ideas of suspicious activity.

Video analytics reduce the workload of your security staff while helping you capture the full value of video surveillance by making your IP camera system more intelligent in its work

Our systems can track various behaviors from recognizing an abandoned briefcase or duffel bag to determining when someone is loitering in a specified zone. The analytic capabilities offered today are limited only by the creativity of the user and the need presented Read More


Video Monitoring

Watch and Protect

To control public transport traffic and to provide safety of movement on the lines we offer to implement video monitoring systems around stations and on vehicles.

Video Monitoring in highly public areas is one of the most appropriate ways to deter criminal activity and safeguard personal and private property.

Video monitoring not only deters criminal elements from committing any mischief. It also provides highly reliable evidence in case a crime was committed. Our IP-based video monitoring systems offer better images with higher resolution and more flexibility, allowing users to e-mail video images for consultation. Read More