Information System

The global increase of urban mobility and continuing climate change necessitates the decarbonization of the transport system, the enhancement of the energy efficiency of transport, and the implementation of innovative transport solutions. Intelligent transportation system is a combination of distinct technologies that can improve transportation management in public transit systems.

Public Adress
Provide passengers with voice announcements on the stops and in vehicles.
Provide riders valuable info and operators with an additional revenue steam.
Information System
Increases transport systems reliability and boosts ridership

Public Adress System

Get Your Message Across

Public Address System is intended to provide passengers with crucial voice announcements on the stops and in vehicles.

High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for dealing with security and safety challenges.

To be truly effective, a public address and emergency sound system must deliver exceptional performance and reliability. So that the message is intelligible and clearly audible above the ambient sound without being too loud. Read More


Infotainment System

Bridge The Revenue Gap

Advancements in mobile data delivery have opened a substantial opportunity for transport companies to improve the overall transit experience, attract riders, and create a new revenue stream to help supplement operations, improve service to core constituents, and support area business.

The goal of infotainment is to improve the passenger experience by providing both valuable real-time travel information and other engaging content to riders.

Infotainment digital signage systems combine real-time passenger information from Streets, with the weather, advertising, social media, security camera footage, and more. This can help inject critical new funding into any transit operation. Read More


Passenger Information System

Increase Your Ridership

Real-time passenger information improves the entire transit experience and attracts new passengers. It provides passengers with necessary information connected with bus timetable, train arrival and departure time, current time and date, different help information to improve traveler's satisfaction with the journey.

Passenger Information systems use screens on platforms, in vehicles on mobile phones to display information that is crucial for the commuters.

Our passenger information systems integrate with your transport management system to update passengers on fares, routes, arrival times, and any closures or delays due to emergencies. Read More