Seismic Interpretation Software

Powerful, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system for rapid prospect generation

GVERSE® Geophysics software is a powerful, fully integrated 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system that provides a full range of fit-for-purpose interpretation capabilities, attribute analysis, and mapping tools. Whether exploring complex structural areas or looking for subtle stratigraphic traps, today's geoscientist can use GVERSE Geophysics to solve challenging geophysical problems - without having to transfer data between applications.


  • Fast, on-the-fly computation, and real-time visualization of seismic data.
  • 3D seismic data interpretation.
  • Efficient synthetic modeling.
  • Advanced visualization techniques for accurate data analysis.
  • Picking and saving structures on seismic and attribute volumes as geobodies.
  • Manual and automatic horizon picking modes, and an extensive set of horizon operations.
  • Wide range of fault picking modes.
  • Robust and reliable velocity model creation. Importing an external seismic volume as a model is also supported.
  • User-friendly Attribute and Surface calculator with multiple attribute options.
  • Contour maps and color density maps of time, depth, velocity or seismic attributes.


  • Faster, Better Decisions: Sharing geological and geophysical interpretations and data ensures a more efficient asset team. Decisions are faster and more informed – qualities essential in today's fast-paced E&P environment.
  • Blazing Fast 3D Visualization: GVERSE Geophysics features a 3D viewer designed and optimized for seismic data. It has never been easier to view your seismic sections, horizons, faults, wells and wellbore data, and much more in 3D. The new LOD format does not compromise performance even with very large seismic volumes. With features such as voxel rendering and co-blending, you can visualize subsurface structures like never before, gain more insight into your data, and make better decisions for your play.
  • Robust & Reliable Depth Conversion: GVERSE Geophysics provides a versatile suite of depth conversion tools to convert your time data to depth domain. Our cutting-edge depth conversion algorithms provide an extensive set of options to tackle complex scenarios. Full integration between our geophysics and geology applications lets you utilize all available data when making key decisions for exploration or field development.
  • Ease of Use & True Mobility: Leverage the latest in technology to minimize your learning curve and focus on what’s important. No more digging through tons of menus and dialogs to find what you are looking for. The multi-screen, ribbon-based interface puts everything you need right in front of you. GVERSE Geophysics supports remote, desktop and mobile environments to accommodate the largest regional projects while reducing the need for IT support.

GVERSE Geophysics - Powerful seismic interpretation for your play


Data Loading and Management

3D Visualization and Interpretation

Synthetic Modeling

Geobody Interpretation

  • Picking and saving structures on seismic and attribute volumes as geobodies.
  • Automatic interpolation of picks or tracking of seismic signatures.
  • Draping data directly on the body or showing intersections with seismic sections.
  • Using the volumetric calculator to compute the volume of geobodies.

Geobody Interpretation
Extracting Geobodies from Seismic - GVERSE Geophysics

Horizon Interpretation

Fault Interpretation

Time to Depth Conversion

Integrated Mapping

Attribute and Surface Calculation

Enhanced Usability

Attribute Computation Software (GVERSE Attributes)

Post-Stack Processing Software (pSTAx®)

Discontinuity Identification Software (SCAN™)