Seamlessly integrate well, seismic and maps to increase efficiency in an integrated interpretation environment with GVERSE Connect. Leveraging strengths of two leading E&P Technologies, GVERSE Connect enables fast database to database exchange for efficient and optimized user experience by utilizing the right tool for the right job.


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GVERSE Connect 2019.2

Curve data transfer made easy from GeoGraphix to Petrel
Curve mnemonics are read directly from GGX along with curve header, which saves user's time that was previously consumed by manual mnemonic entries for each curve in the configuration file. This is especially helpful when dealing with large databases.
Curve with mnemonics e.g. "POTA" is transferred from GeoGraphix to Petrel
Transfer Termination Option at any stage
Plug-in introduced a Transfer Termination option that helps the user to stop the transfer as required.
Stop Button to terminate activity when required
Z-Map Plus file format is supported
In addition to the XYZ format files, the surfaces transferred from Petrel are also exported in Z-Map Plus format which make it compatible with a widely used industry standard.
Z-Map Grid is shown under Surfaces Tree for Transfer
Categorizing Surface Data while transfer
Surface can be categorized as Subsea, TVD and other attribute data while transferring to Petrel.
Z-Map Grid is shown under Surfaces Tree for Transfer
Automatic Well Path Calculation
Automatic calculation of well path has been added during the transfer, which saves additional manual steps for batch survey calculation after the transfer from Petrel.
Flexibility in Transferring data to Petrel
The plug-in now provides more flexibility to choose the target Well Tops folder in Petrel.

Increased User Productivity

For organizations using both Petrel and GeoGraphix, data loading will be exponentially faster than manual data transfer.

Optimized Reservoir Characterization

Enhances reservoir characterization by combining the strengths of both software solutions into one interpretation.

Reduced Costs

GeoGraphix provides an affordable, comprehensive and performant solution for daily interpretation needs and complements Petrel's high science, higher cost solution for reservoir modeling. Rightsizing the solution to the customer's needs whilst enabling full data interoperability provides an opportunity to dramatically reduce software licensing costs and associated annual maintenance and support fees.

Quick Setup

Seamless transfer of well data into GeoGraphix let's geoscientists take advantage of GeoGraphix's geophysical, geological, petrophysical and GIS capabilities for faster, and more accurate interpretation.

  • Supports well filters from GeoGraphix and saved searches from Petrel, limiting data transfers to required wells only.
  • Maintains a comprehensive logging mechanism to track and audit all well data transferred.
  • Supports a full complement of data overwrite options to help synchronize well data between Petrel and GeoGraphix
  • Uses source lists and formation lists limit data transfer to selected data only.
  • Saved user preferences reduce setup and transfer time.

Discover your efficiency with GeoGraphix:

  • Integrated solution: GeoGraphix, being an integrated interpretation system, supports larger multidiscipline work groups simultaneously on the same project. Using the GeoGraphix for Petrel plugin enables modeling users to carve out smaller datasets to move into the Petrel project to efficiently fulfill their modeling needs.
  • Powerful, multi-well petrophysical analysis and modeling within GeoGraphix can be applied to the transferred Petrel well data of all sizes and complexity from individual wells to multi-well,multi-zone projects.
  • Leading edge mapping: Leverage advanced GeoGraphix mapping and GIS capabilities. In a few easy steps, Petrel surfaces are transferred into GeoGraphix to produce presentation quality maps.
  • Field/Well Planning: Take advantage of the field and well planning capabilities in GeoGraphix for planning horizontals in unconventional plays.


The software that must be installed on the system running the software are as follows:

  • GeoGraphix 2019.2
  • Petrel 2017.x, 2018.2
  • LMKR License Management Tool 2019.2 for Connect license
    The LMKR License Management Tool (LMT) must be installed to configure the Connect license.
  • Microsoft® Visual C++ Runtime 2013
  • Adobe Reader for selected help files (optional)

Operating System(s)

To run the plug-in, you need one of the following operating systems installed on your system:

  • Windows® 7 Professional x64
  • Windows® 7 Enterprise x64
  • Windows® 7 Ultimate x64
  • Windows® 10 Professional x64
  • Windows® 10 Enterprise x64
Note - It is recommended to use the latest Microsoft® service packs and security patches.


  • The hardware requirements for the plug-in are the same as the Petrel hardware requirements.


The following licenses are required to run the plug-in:

  • GeoGraphix license version 2019.2
  • Petrel 2017.x, 2018.2
  • GVERSE Connect 2019.2 license

Following product/feature licenses are required to import/export the IsoMap surfaces, and horizons and faults:

  • IsoMap license for surfaces
  • SeisVision license for horizons and faults

Product Workflow(s)