Geoscience and engineering solutions focused on workflow optimization.
Fast, easy to use scalable tools that are inter-operable with other known geoscience software suites; enabling a connected multi skilled workforce.
GVERSE® Petrophysics is a 64-bit petrophysical application designed to assist geoscientists and petrophysicists in analyzing and interpreting well log data and characterizing the reservoir using advanced log interpretation workflows in a multi-well multi-user environment.
The multi-paned viewing environment, unmatched by any software in the industry, along with streamlined workflows and high resolution 3D seismic attributes help boost performance. The value of seismic data for seamless interpretation is maximized by fast, on the fly real time visualization of seismic attributes which allows for in-depth attribute analysis with immediate feedback.
Seamlessly integrate well, seismic and maps to increase efficiency in an integrated interpretation environment with GVERSE Connect. Leveraging strengths of two leading E&P Technologies, GVERSE Connect enables fast database to database exchange for efficient and optimized reservoir characterization, with a choice to use right tool for the right job.
GVERSE FieldPlanner offers powerful, quick & easy field planning capabilities that result in time and cost reductions, allowing field planners to create, save, analyze and manage multiple field plan scenarios to determine optimal hydro carbon production.
STI Technology
GVERSE Planner

GVERSE® Planner

GVERSE Planner
GVERSE Planner enables integrated well planning giving user the control to plan wells. With GVERSE Planner you can quickly visualize geological surfaces, create surveys and make changes to existing plans by adding target points on the go with the ability to export well plans for drilling.
GVERSE Geomodeling

GVERSE® Geomodeling

GVERSE Geomodeling
GVERSE Geomodeling offers an extensive integrated solution for subsurface Geological/Reservoir Modeling. Detailed analysis of the reservoir is always crucial prior to final consideration.
A new, intuitive and easy-to-use seismic interpretation system built on top of SeisVision that provides powerful 3D visualization capabilities. GVERSE Geophysics enables geoscientists to execute end-to-end workflows for basic interpretation and more advanced geophysical workflows.
GVERSE Predict3D is a multi-attribute inversion solution, based on spectral decomposition and state-of- the-art optimization techniques, to predict rock properties away from wells using well logs and seismic data. This enables you to understand the reservoir effectively and reduces risks associated with well planning and field development. Lumina
GVERSE WebSteering

GVERSE® WebSteering

GVERSE WebSteering
The only web browser based Geosteering application in the E&P industry that allows you to plan or adjust your well trajectory through instantaneous information or in an offline mode. GVERSE WebSteering is a complimentary tool for GeoGraphix users who can sync their interpretations on-the-fly with their GeoGraphix projects and update their target surface in smartSTRAT.
GVERSE Inversion is a colored inversion solution that provides a rapid, yet robust way to derive geological details in the form of relative and absolute impedance (rock hardness). When geosteering through a reservoir, the high resolution impedances calculated by the colored inversion ensure that the well is drilled through ideal rock.