GeoGraphix - New Customer QuickStart

Speed to being productive is key to the new GeoGraphix user. In addition to public or private training, LMKR also offers assistance through the GeoGraphix - New Customer QuickStart program. Each program is customized to your needs and is designed to get GeoGraphix fully operational in your environment quickly and with minimal disruption to on-going operations.


Typical elements of the program include:

  • IT Systems recommendations (including hardware specification and network integration)
  • GeoGraphix software installation and configuration
  • GeoGraphix project setup including data loading


GeoGraphix - IT Systems and Project Consulting

In the fast changing world we live in there will be times when GeoGraphix users and/or their IT support professionals may need additional help in their daily GeoGraphix related responsibilities. These demands could come from an unexpected strategic project, or simply the upgrade of software and potential projects to maximize the functionality of their GeoGraphix investment.


Typical elements of the program include:

  • GeoGraphix software version upgrades
  • GeoGraphix project upgrades or migration from other vendors
  • IT Systems performance and tuning including hardware and software configuration
  • GeoGraphix project data loading or migration from other vendor platforms
  • GeoGraphix project organization and clean-up to maximize performance


GeoGraphix - Onsite Mentoring

When classroom training is not enough or you simply want rapid productivity with E&P workflows, onsite mentoring is the ideal choice. Our experienced consultants provide advanced tips and techniques including workflows to address specific customer needs. This close interaction also provides a positive environment to capture future product enhancement requests.


Typical elements of the program include:

  • Specific data management, mapping, land, geology, geophysics or engineering workflows in GeoGraphix
  • GeoGraphix new product functionality and workflows
  • New hire training focusing on the users' typical workflows in GeoGraphix projects


GeoGraphix - Onsite Support

Prefer to focus on your core areas of competence and outsource other daily support functions to external subject matter experts? LMKR offers services to support and maximize your GeoGraphix investment. Onsite Support engagements are sized to fit your needs from full-time, to a set number of days per week, per month or per year to be used as required.


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