Conventional production assets remain important in the portfolios of most operating companies, especially for companies working internationally and offshore, despite the rising emphasis on unconventional resource plays in recent years. Conventional resources are generally of higher production quality, require less land acquisition, and are usually less expensive to complete than unconventional resource plays which makes them very attractive exploration targets. However, conventional projects must compete for the same limited staff and resources as unconventional resources, so the tools used for both assets must be comprehensive, technically competent, easy to learn, highly productive, and inexpensive to acquire and maintain. GeoGraphix® integrated suite of geology, petrophysics, geophysics, land, GIS/mapping, and engineering applications is a recognized leader in exploring for and exploiting conventional production assets and solves these problems with the following benefits:


  • Powerful interactive geomodelling: 3D geomodeling is enabled in the robust 3D modeling engine, which generates an on-the-fly topographically correct geomodel as interpretation proceeds in a cross section environment
  • Enhances geoscientist productivity: Petrophysical models can easily be built by non-petrophysicists and quickly applied to multiple wells for full field analysis
  • Fast and flexible analysis: Seismic attributes and horizons can be quickly visualized as 3D layers, and saved for further analysis
  • Multi-attribute analysis: Petrophysical, geological, geophysical, production, and other attributes can be cross-plotted, analyzed and modeled, and the resulting attributes and analytical results easily mapped for spatial trend analysis
  • Multi-discipline 3D Collaboration: A dynamic geomodel and on-the-fly depth-converted seismic data together with well information can be dynamically visualized in 3D which uses the latest Microsoft® Xbox high-performance gaming technology
  • Minimizes training and support costs: Based on Microsoft® Windows® technology, it is robust, easy to learn and use which minimizes training time. The GeoGraphix suite of applications resides on a Sybase relational database, the industry leading workgroup RDBMS, which can competently manage large datasets with minimal maintenance


LMKR GeoGraphix offers a tightly integrated, comprehensive, value based conventional interpretation system. It is technologically deep, produces fast and accurate solutions, and creates professional quality displays and presentation outputs.