LMKR ranked as top G&G Software provider giving users Best Value for Money among independent E&P operators – Kimberlite Report


LMKR's strong market image and leadership perception was viewed as being the "best value for the money" and easy to use G&G software among the independent E&P operators. The Kimberlite Report also mentions LMKR as a value-based alternative to the higher priced competitors. LMKR received the highest customer loyalty ratings as measured by the Net Promoter Score for Geologic Interpretation Software


LMKR's market use and penetration has been observed to be the strongest among SME's.

  • SEISMIC INTERPRETATION - Highest supplier performance ratings in North America
  • PETROPHYSICAL SOFTWARE - Best overall values among the North America users




LMKR is amongst the leading (best choice) database management applications used by SME's.

  • Used by 30% of the North America E&P independent operators surveyed for database management applications
  • Strong use and penetration by 36% of North America small/medium size independent operators for geologic interpretation software
  • 12% of large independent operators in North America use LMKR for geologic interpretation software



LMKR, along with another G&G software supplier, received the overall highest customer loyalty ratings as measured by the Net Promoter Score for geologic interpretation software and also exhibited the strongest improvement in performance. LMKR's performance strengths have been observed in training, tech support, data integration, licensing and maintenance cost.


See full report (www.kimberliteresearch.com/ggsoftwarereport)

Kimberlite Oilfield Research is an independent research company based in The Woodlands, Texas