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Information Management
We make your complex digital oilfield data and information complete; transparent; auditable; and, secure. Transforming it into actionable knowledge which enables you to make critical decisions to the everyday challenges your organization faces.

Data Sheet

Physical Data Management
Our vendor neutral, cost effective physical data management services enable E&P companies to make informed decisions with real-time access to corrected, verified and quality controlled data.
Digital Data Management
Keep up with the challenges of an upstream oil & gas environment that is constantly driven by information and processes through digitization of your core E&P information for an integrated and consistent view of your data across applications, platforms and business functions.
Corporate Data Management
Our vendor-neutral corporate data management services enable E&P companies to manage risk, maximize shareholder value, address key corporate obligations and make informed business critical decisions with information that is both reliable and secure.
Project Data Management
Our vendor neutral, onsite or remote project data management services enable us to assist E&P companies in optimizing their data management processes so that they can concentrate on what they do best; hydrocarbon discovery.
Data Repositories
Turbulent markets, fluctuating commodity prices as well as technological and political influences add to the volatility and risk in the oil and gas exploration and production business.