Geological 3D Modeling with GVERSE Geomodeling



The objective of this one-day course is to familiarize the trainee with the unique 2D and 3D log correlation and geomodelling environment inherent in the GVERSE Geomodeling technology. Workflow-oriented class exercises cover topics that include data management, geological interpretation using cross-sections, interaction of the real-time map interface with cross sections while using seismic backdrops and incorporating seismic interpretation. Finally review the geo-models using the 3D visualization to gain better understanding of the reservoir.

After this course, you should be able to:

  • Gain understanding of geomodeling
  • Understand and use cross section, map and 3D views in GVERSE Geomodeling
  • Learn log correlation using advance techniques like fault gapping, conformance, handling uniformities, and using seismic backdrop to fine tune geologic interpretation
  • Learn how to generate zone and interactive structure maps and visualize them in 3D environment to gain complete understanding of the reservoir


  • Intermediate


Intended For

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Engineers

Recommended Pre-requisites

  • GeoGraphix Project and Data Management Essentials
  • GeoGraphix Geologic Interpretation Essentials


Duration and Format
1-day training covered in a class room.

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