LMKR GeoGraphix Pro is an upgrade option to GeoGraphix 2015 that provides geoscientists with advanced technologies to enhance their productivity and maximize their existing GeoGraphix investment. GeoGraphix Pro is a licensed upgrade to the GeoGraphix software and requires the purchase of a separate license. The advanced technologies include:

Advanced 3D Visualization

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then advanced 3D visualization from LMKR GeoGraphix offers a complete picture of the subsurface worth two thousand. With a single click, visualize an entire interpretation. How? Simply drag a bounding box around an area on a map to see all wells, cross sections, log templates and map-area subsurface layers as one, 3D scene. It's that quick. It's that easy.

Field Planning

GeoGraphix Pro offers powerful, quick-and-easy, field planning capabilities that result in tangible, time and cost reductions. It allows field planners to create, save, analyze and manage multiple, field plan scenarios before committing them to the database. Designed for horizontal well plans, the planner includes determination of the optimum location and orientation of wells.

Advanced 3D Visualization

Fence Diagrams
No rework! Use existing cross sections from XSection and smartSECTION to create fence diagrams in advanced 3D. Picture the interpretation.

Depth-Converted Seismic Backdrops
Visualize depth-converted seismic backdrops around wellbores, along fence diagrams and as an inline, crossline or arb-line.

Log Template Display
Advanced 3D in GeoGraphix goes well beyond blades and lathes for log display by showing entire log templates along wellbores in high resolution for a 3D, subsurface view that incorporates deep petrophysics.

Draped Layers on 3D Surfaces
Drape contours, satellite images, landgrids or any other visible map elements on a subsurface layer.

Spatial Analysis
To pinpoint sweet spots within the 3D scene, display attributes using bubble maps and pie charts.

Histogram Controls
To better understand a structure, analyze surface and seismic data using histogram controls in 3D.

Editable Formation Tops
Instantly update cross-section and geo-modeled surfaces by adding or editing formation tops on wells.

Field Planning

New Pad Design Capabilities

  • Set number of slots and wells per pad
  • Set wellbore orientation
  • Set slot spacing

Create Proposed Track Plans for All Wells on a Pad

  • Select heel and toe targets on a subsurface layer
  • Set target offset to above or below surface
  • Calculate the locations of well "sticks"

Analyze Multiple Field Plan Scenarios

  • Create pad location and spacing scenarios
  • Analyze planning scenarios without saving to the database
  • Create proposed well surveys with LMKR Well Planner
  • Generate "Pipe in Plan" and "Pipe in Zone" reports

Field Plan Pads and Proposed Well Locations on a Single, GeoAtlas Layer

  • Save field plan scenarios as separate layers for easy management

Advanced 3D Visualization

Integrated 3D Environment
Benefit from an integrated 3D environment that enhances collaboration between geoscientists, engineers and petrophysicists.

Better Planning Decisions
Quality control field plans and proposed well trajectories allow for better planning decisions.

Fault and Hazard Identification
Use seismic backdrops to mark faults and identify hazards.


Field Planning

  • Quickly create, save, and analyze multiple, field plan scenarios
  • Analyze field plan scenarios to determine optimal, hydrocarbon production
  • Visualize planned wells and geomodels in advanced 3D
*LMKR Well Planner from LMKR is designed with the key requirements of efficient field planning in mind. It requires the purchase of a separate license.
GeoGraphix Pro is a licensed upgrade to the GeoGraphix software and requires the purchase of a separate license.

GeoGraphix Pro runs in conjunction with GeoGraphix packages; at a minimum, a basic interpretation package (Basic Geological Interpretation System or its equivalent modules), SeisVision for seismic interpretation, or one of the Seismic Interpretation Systems is required. To experience the full power of GeoGraphix Pro, we recommend the purchase/use of one of the GeoGraphix Advanced Interpretation Packages.




  • 2.4GHz 64-bit Intel class or better
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1,024 x 768 graphics resolution
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 19-inch monitor


  • Quad 2.4 GHz 64-bit Intel class or better
  • 8 GB RAM or greater
  • Graphics card with hardware support for DirectX 11 and 2GB dedicated VRAM
  • DVD-RW drive


  • Microsoft® .NET 4.5
  • Microsoft DirectX 11

Operating Systems

  • Windows® 7 Professional x64
  • Windows® 7 Enterprise x64
  • Windows® 7 Ultimate x64
   GeoGraphix Pro