Complete, affordable, geoscience system offering leading edge mapping; geological, geophysical & petrophysical modeling; well and field planning; and, state-of-the-art 3D visualization. Its key strengths are found in the following:
  • It's a tightly-integrated geoscience suite that combines industry-leading technologies supported by a common data and project architecture;
  • It scales to meet the everyday workflow of consultants to multinational oil companies;
  • It's flexible licensing allows you to pay for what you need/use;
  • Offers functionality tailored to both conventional and unconventional workflows;
  • It demands low IT support in-terms of hardware requirements, installation and set-up time; and,
  • It's cost efficient, at 30% less than comparable offerings, it is the smart solution for today's geoscientist
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LMKR GeoGraphix®
GeoGraphix Modules
GeoGraphix Modules
LMKR GeoGraphix PRIZM log analysis software is the ideal tool for performing full reservoir characterization on well datasets of all sizes and complexity from basic individual wells to multi-well, multi-zone projects.
The LMKR GeoGraphix Basic Geologic Interpretation System is composed of core applications that the petroleum geologist needs to interpret and map subsurface data and works with well data with no need to incorporate geophysics or detailed well log analysis into the interpretation.
The LMKR GeoGraphix® IsoMap utility is a comprehensive surface modeling and contouring application that can be used on a wide variety of data sets while automating standard gridding and contouring activities which allow geoscientists to spend more time modeling and interpreting surfaces and less time manipulating equations.
SeisVision software is a powerful, fully integrated 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system that provides a full range of fit-for-purpose interpretation capabilities, attribute analysis and mapping tools.
LogM™ & LogM™ Advanced
The LogM Advanced Synthetics software provides geoscientists with tools necessary to accurately tie well control to seismic data. LogM tools are integrated directly with SeisVision™ 2D and 3D software to enhance the accuracy and confidence of your geophysical interpretation. This can dramatically improve interpretation accuracy and minimize uncertainty when determining the next well location.
smartSTRAT, an add-on module to LMKR GeoGraphix's smartSECTION software, enables fast, easy and accurate geosteering of horizontal wells with the simultaneous update of the geomodel. The module offers easy-to-use geosteering tools, the capacity to view depth-converted seismic backdrops, and instant integration with mapped geologic surfaces within a 3D geomodel.
GeoGraphix Pro
LMKR GeoGraphix Pro is a new upgrade option to GeoGraphix 2014 that provides geoscientists with advanced technologies to enhance their productivity and maximize their existing GeoGraphix investment. GeoGraphix Pro is a licensed upgrade to the GeoGraphix software and requires the purchase of a separate license.
GVERSE Geomodeling 2017.1
GVERSE Geomodeling
GVERSE Geomodeling offers an extensive integrated solution for subsurface Geological/Reservoir Modeling. Detailed analysis of the reservoir is always crucial prior to final consideration.
GVERSE Planner
GVERSE Planner
GVERSE Planner allows multiple well planning to easily visualize geologic surfaces, quickly create surveys and geoprognosis reports, and just as easily make changes to existing well plans.